Monday, April 18, 2011

Extended Comments: Twilight directed by Catherine Hardwicke

Extended Comments:
Ron discusses in his blog the stages of teenagers; “Becoming” and “The Storm.” He mentions throughout the film the character of Bella portrays some of the characteristics of Raby’s teenager. First off, Raby’s “Becoming.”  As Ron states, Bella and her parents are a good example.  This rebellion she portrays is actually a mask to help her parents. She knows her mom loves this new guy and that she is really just in the way, and when she gets angry with her father and leaves it is to protect him from the vampire.  Although, her overall quite, keep to herself, demeanor toward her father and others in general  is very conventional to teenage behavior.  Like Raby says they are finding out who they are. Becoming is a time of self identity that forces the teenagers, such as the character of Bella to seem rebellious. “they assume that all teenagers rebel just because this is the age when we start to become our own person’ (Raby). This is certainly apparent with Bella. She is figuring out who she is and where she fits in. She doesn’t fit in at school, she feels out of place, she doesn’t like to be around too many people, hence the prom and social situations.  Obviously her biggest issue of self identity is the fact that she wants to become a vampire. This is definitely a sign of self discovery.

“The Storm,” Bella’s character can also fit into this category. Raby describes it as “ahistorical understanding of adolescence in which teens are inherently inclined toward experimentation, risk taking and uncertainty.”  Bella completely puts herself at risk by choosing to be with Edward. Although he tries to convince her to move she decides she can not live with out him. She says “I want you always” knowing that she would have to give up her life as a mortal to be with him. She is uncertain of the future but as long as she is with him it doesn’t matter. She not only puts herself at risk but she puts her mom and dad’s lives at risk also.

This brings me to two other points that Ron doesn’t bring up in his blog. Firstly, Bella as the good girl. Last weeks reading “How Being a Good Girl Can Be Bad for Girls” the authors discussed the good girl and the bad girl. In the third film Eclipse Edward asks Bella to marry him, she replies “People will think I’m knocked up.” Bella is obviously worried about her good girl status. This was surprising to me considering her love and devotion for Edward.
Secondly, the choices Bella makes. As opposed to Alice and Atalanta, Bella conforms to the ideology that women need a man to survive. Edward is a perfect example of the male, ( SCWAMP ). “The common belief is US culture is that anything associated with the feminine is weak, while masculine traits are deemed stronger and more valuable to society” (Grinner). Edward, although a vampire, is the protector, the fixer, the everything in Bella’s life. Her choice is to give up her whole life to be with Edward. Her future; college, exploring, and family is not thought of because her value is how she feels when she is with Edward. She is still a young girl but thinks she has found happiness.
There is an interesting article how media represents and therefore influences teenage girls to want boyfriends. Twilight is one of them.


  1. I really enjoyed this. I also think the point you bring up regarding Eclipse is incredibly important. Edward's views on sex - that it shouldn't happen til sex, and he often criticizes Bella's desire - continues to spread the whole good girl and bad girl issues.

  2. Ooh Diana I really like that you brought Eclipse into this!

  3. Diana you did an amazing job relating this to the readings and discussions we have been having in class!! You sited specific incidents within the media text that helped to further support your argument. Cant wait to hear what you have to say in class!!! :)

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  5. really interesting insight into the Twilight Series!

  6. wow great job very in depth and through enjoyed readings it u really made me look at twilight in a whole new light